Thursday, July 16, 2015

Weekly Summer Linky: Best Trip of My Life

I am finally back again to link up with Monica over at I Heart Grade 3 for another amazing Weekly Summer Link up post! This is probably one of the most exciting link up posts that I am able to write! 

This weeks topic is... The Best Trip of My Life
It really didn't take much thinking at all to decide what the best trip of my life was. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post and picture overload...

I have always loved cruising. There's just something about the open waters that is incredibly relaxing (and slightly terrifying). I've been able to visit some amazing places like Canada, along the coast of New England, and a hand full of warm places like The Bahamas and Puerto Rico. The last cruise that I adventured on though, was by far the best trip ever. 

Rewind to February 2014, Virginia had already had a some snow and I just wasn't feeling the cold anymore. Thankfully I had booked a cruise over Valentine's Day to just take a break from school and the cold. This just wasn't any normal cruise though, this was Sail Across the Sun 

I am a HUGE music buff. I love going to concerts and finding new music. Before this cruise I had gone to see the group Train two times, and loved them both times. I had no idea what was in store for me over that 4 day cruise though.

Day 1 consisted of a lot of traveling starting at 3 am. I am not a morning person, but I trudged through the Charlotte airport in hopes that I would soon be in warm weather and enjoying a few days away from my classroom. After we landed in Florida we had to take a cab to the port (my first cab experience was interesting to say the least). All that travel was totally worth it whenever I saw my home away from home for the next few days! 

This picture does NOT do the ship justice at all

 We boarded the ship and got ready to start our what ended up being a crazy eventful weekend!
After getting settled and of course heading to the all you can eat buffet (that's what you're supposed to do on cruises right...?) We headed to the deck to meet up with the hundreds of other "Trainiacks" for the first concert of the cruise. There's nothing like leaving port while listening to some of your favorite songs live!

Later that night I fell in love with my new favorite band A Great Big World. A lot of you have probably heard their song with Christina Aguilera, but boy do they have so much more to offer! They put on an amazing show and cracked some pretty funny jokes.

 Day 2 was our full day at sea. It was a day full of relaxation, eating, and concerts. What else would you want on vacation? 

Here are some beautiful pictures of the ocean. I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at this view.

Later that evening we ventured out to the deck for some more awesome concerts. I had gone to see Andy Grammer before, but this concert was so much fun. Afterwards he met every single fan that wanted to meet him. Definitely an awesome experience. 

Just some awesome pictures from that night. 

Day 3 led us to Key West, Florida. I have only been to Florida 3 times in my life, but never to Key West. It was definitely a pretty neat experience to explore the little island. I would definitely recommend it! I do regret not taking a tour, but just exploring works just as well! 

After our adventures on Day 3, we headed back to the ship for a small nap, dinner, and a night of concerts. In case you ever wondered it is NOT warm in the middle of the ocean in the middle of February! I need to be better prepared next time for sure! 

Even Pat Monahan takes selfies!

I would have to say that Day 4 was by far the best day of all though. We anchored at Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas and it was BEAUTIFUL!

I haven't been to a beach in years, so it was amazing to feel the sand between my toes and to enjoy the water and sun! Day 4 also turned out to be a great day for meeting some of our gracious hosts on the ship! It was extremely exciting! 

The next day we sailed back to Miami to find out that Virginia had been hit with a snowstorm. By the time our flight had arrived in Charlotte that night, school had already been cancelled the next day. Our final flight home had also been cancelled. After some swift maneuvering we were able to get a flight home late that evening. Let me tell you though, it is not fun coming home from a tropical paradise and being met with snow! Yuck!!

Thanks for reading all about my best trip ever, and dealing with the picture overload! I hope you enjoyed reading and I cannot wait to read all about your amazing trips!