Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Summer Goals ((Weekly Intro))

I'm linking up with Monica over at I Heart Grade 3 for her summer weekly linky!! This weeks topic is "My Goals for the Summer" and boy do I have a lot of them! I will try to narrow them down for this post though!
#1 Relax

The last semester of school has really taken a toll on me! Between the craziness of the snow days galore that we had this year (TEN!), Summer countdown (started right after the snow days ended), and the craziness of state testing I feel like I have been going nonstop! I am so ready to relax in the sun, visit my best friends, and maybe just sleep in a little! I'm really looking forward to my road trip up North next month for some amusement park fun! I can't think of any better stress reliever than a best friend friend and some roller coaster riding!
These are just some of my favorite pictures from our last amusement park adventure!
#2 Blog More
I've had this blog for coming up on a year now! It's amazing how time flies!! I hate that I have only blogged ONE TIME! I'm really hoping that following along with the weekly linky will give me the inspiration to blog on a more consistent basis! How could I not want to with such awesome topics?! 
# 3 Focus on Growing my TeachersPayTeachers Store 

My store has steadily been growing over the last few months and I couldn't be any more excited! That "Cha-Ching" sound doesn't seem to get old! I have so many ideas written down in a notebook that I have been planning to create, but between lesson planning and end of the year tasks the time just hasn't been there!! I plan to use the next eight weeks to get my store going through a huge growth spurt! 

#4 Plan for the 2015-2016 School Year

I cannot believe that I am saying that! School just got out last Friday and we aren't even through with professional development yet, but I am already so excited for next year. I'm officially a K-3 learning disabilities teacher at my school, so I now have to learn all the ropes to 3rd grade! I'm sure there will be a lot of blog, TpT, and Pinterest stalking searching in my future! I would love to know of any awesome third grade blogs ya'll have come across! (And of course I'll be scrolling through our lovely linky hosts blog as well!)

Well I tried super hard to narrow down my goals for this Summer, but these four just couldn't be narrowed down any more! Thanks for checking out my blog post!!